Need your classic car fix? | Engagement Session | Ferrari | Maserati

Here are a couple of teasers from one of this week’s engagement sessions

If you have to break down; make sure it’s in a Classic 1963 Ferrari 250GT Lusso and bring plenty of lipstick.

Ferrari Engagement


Then all you have to do is get it back home and swap it out with your 1963 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder

Couple driving a 1963 Maserati 3500 Vignale Spyder

Don’t worry, the Ferrari didn’t really break down.  :-)

Stephanie and Brian | Engagement Session | Hubbard Park

A peek into the charming Stephanie and Brian’s engagement session held at Hubbard Park in Meriden, Connecticut. Look closely and you will see how the light naturally cascades down through the clouds adding a crimson glow to this already perfect Autumn day. Or perhaps this glow you see is emanating from within this devoted couple. What do you think?
Studio 1923_0088.jpg

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Liz and Pat | Engagement Session

A peek into Liz and Pat’s engagement session held at Gillette Castle State Park, an all-time favorite location of Connecticut residents. This is yet another beautiful story showcasing nature and fashion with an adventurous approach. Studio 1923 never seems to disappoint . . . well anyone.
Studio 1923_0139.jpg

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Jenn and Sebastian | Engagement Session | Buttonwood Park

A peek into Jenn and Sebastian’s engagement session held at Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford Massachusetts. The All-American family can be seen right here. We have the beautiful girl, the handsome guy and the two happy fur-babes. Oh and not to mention the most beautiful Fall day ever! This dynamic quadruple is just too cute for words.
Studio 1923_0098.jpg
Studio 1923_0105.jpg
Studio 1923_0101.jpg
Studio 1923_0100.jpg

I know it is difficult not to focus on the stunning Miss Jenn, especially when she was made the focal point, but notice how taken Sebastian is with his fiancé. Another perfect moment captured on camera.
Studio 1923_0102.jpg
Studio 1923_0103.jpg

The story reads: She said yes, yes, yes! And Sebastian put that ring on Jenn’s finger and kissed her like she was never kissed before. I love how Jerome recreates every special moment of an engagement.
Studio 1923_0107.jpg
Studio 1923_0104.jpg
Studio 1923_0099.jpg

A perfect ending to a perfect session. Thank you Jenn and Sebastian for letting Studio 1923 be a part of this special time in your lives.
Studio 1923_0106.jpg

Kristen and Brett | Engagement Session | Southport CT

Photos are taken to capture and preserve the beauty of one moment in time for eternity. We hold tight to the belief that anyone with a camera can capture the perfect moment if they just take enough pictures. Studio 1923 overthrows this belief time and time again. Come take a peek into the breathtaking engagement session of Kristen and Brett held in Southport, Connecticut.Studio 1923_0140.jpg

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