Monthly Archives: February 2007

Plumbers Crack

(I think coming up with the titles of these posts is just as fun as anything else…haha)  Anyway, so I’mView The Rest of This Post»

Midlife Crisis

Every time I drive by this one service station on RT66, I look over and see a vehicle, that flat out amazes me. Today IView The Rest of This Post»

Kodak Easy Share Gallery & Mozilla Firefox

If you haven’t been getting away from the stronghold Microsoft has on it’s Internet Explorer, you should. IView The Rest of This Post»

Wine & Cheese

Not what you think… Today we made a Crock Pot Creation with a roast, potatoes, etc… Jen supplied the wine, (View The Rest of This Post»

Clean your Plate!

No, that’s not Mom yelling at me. I just wanted to take a moment and explain what I just caught myself doing. JenView The Rest of This Post»

1 Year Anniversary (for our house)

It was a year ago today that we closed on our house. Its pretty amazing to see the transformation looking backwards&#View The Rest of This Post»