Alex and Vin | Engagement Session | Central Park

In honor of Alex and Vin’s upcoming wedding; here is their gorgeous engagement session from last fall. There’s something about this photo session that is beyond words. Is it the sparkle in Alex’s eyes, the excitement in Vin’s face or the iconic backgrounds that set the scene for this mesmerizing engagement shoot?  Whatever it may be, the pleasure of viewing this couple through the eyes of Jerome is enough to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart knowing there is this much love and beauty in the world.

Studio 1923_0117.jpg(Hint:Tip) The above photo was captured at an exposure length of 15 seconds; so as to blur all the moving people to a point that they essentially disappear.  (
The perfect setting for a romantic movie scene. And no, the man in the boat is not one of Jerome’s assistants.
Studio 1923_0109.jpg
Studio 1923_0110.jpg
Studio 1923_0111.jpg

There is far more to this picture than meets the eye. If you can look past the beautiful tile ceiling, grand pillars and the gorgeous stained glass windows, you will see Jerome managed to capture the stunning couple in three different ways: real life, shadows and a mirrored image. Can you spot them all?
Studio 1923_0113.jpg

Studio 1923_0114.jpg
Studio 1923_0115.jpg
Studio 1923_0108.jpg
Studio 1923_0116.jpg

Studio 1923_0118.jpg