Before and After

I get a lot of interest in my before and afters so I decided to put an example up here. Who knows, if there is even more interest, I may make it a blog category and upload often?

So heres a shot from a pre wedding shoot and the couple wanted a “family” shot. Of course, getting dogs and cats to cooperate isn’t always so easy. Rather than even try. I deliberately shot a series of photos to make a composite them all for the final product. It took what might have been a 20-30 minutes process and shrunk the shot down to 3 minutes. Then I spent the 20 minutes on my time getting the photo right.
This first image was focused on the couple looking great.

Then I focused on getting a good shot of the dog.

Then it was Cat time… (actually I thought the first shot of the couple had a great cat pose in it, I just wished it was not covered by the dog. So I really took this shot to get the cat’s body.

Then after it was all done. I blended them all and BAM!

What do you think?

Tawnia Lewis - January 16, 2008 - 11:31 pm

you’re like a magician! fabulous!