Canine Diabetes

“I’m very concerned about Lucky…”  (Quote from his vet)  Now that got my attention!

I brought him into the vet for an eye infection the other day, and they asked for a urine sample.  He was drinking a LOT of water lately.  They said he needed to get in immediately for attention.  Our primary vet administered a dose of insulin and then increased it for two days.  There was no progress.  Dr Brothers then said, “I’m very concerned about Lucky”  WoW.  His concern was that he wasn’t responding to the insulin.  He didn’t want to increase the amount too much, so he referred me to the Vet Hospital in West Hartford.   So I cancelled my afternoon appointment and went to deliver Lucky to the new hospital.  After about 4 hours of admittance, I left him there for some treatment.

This morning I got a call that he responded well to the increased dosages.  I may be able to pick him up tonight.  They want to do an ultrasound/sonogram test and check out his insides.

In the meantime, I’m doing all this research on canine diabetes and what’s involved.  Stick him with a needle? ! ? !