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How to photograph a one year old.

Patience and perseverance.  Or when all else fails… Photoshop. A little preface here.  Little Jack did anView The Rest of This Post»

Central Park Row Boats :: Before and After

During a recent engagement session I had the privilege of capturing this moment with one of our couples.  They rentedView The Rest of This Post»

Grand Central Station Emptied :: Before and After

Has it really been that long since my last blog post!?  WOW.  Well, I guess I should be posting some goodies for youView The Rest of This Post»

Making of another "1923 Signature Art" Print

Here is a before and after series of a great shot Jen captured while we were following the bride and groom on the way toView The Rest of This Post»

Nobody in the Park! :: Before and After

Here is a little before and after fun for a shoot I did in Boston a few weeks back.  The couple had a vision of sittingView The Rest of This Post»

The Making of a "Masterpiece 1923 Signature Art" Print

As many of you know I do a lot of Photoshop work to my images.  Some of them get an extra dose of creative treatmentsView The Rest of This Post»

Before and After

I get a lot of interest in my before and afters so I decided to put an example up here. Who knows, if there is even moreView The Rest of This Post»

The Power of Photoshop

Courtesy of You Tube… Share this post if you like it (someone else you know probably will too):View The Rest of This Post»

D.C. Magic

Here is a grab and grin shot, aka “cheese” of us and our rented Moutanier in front of the WashingtonView The Rest of This Post»