Christy and Nick | Real Wedding Story

Welcome to Christy and Nick’s Real Wedding Story held at Saint Clements Castle in Portland, Connecticut.  They describe their wedding day firsthand from our interview.

When was your wedding?   11/24/2012

What made you choose your wedding date? It was a date close to a holiday so we knew family would be in Connecticut.

The bride wore an Allure Dress from Bliss Bridal in Cheshire, Connecticut.  The groom and groomsmen wore a Calvin Klein suit from Men’s Warehouse. The girls’ dresses were made by DaVinci Bridal.

Who did your hair?  Sculptures in Southington

Who did your makeup? Liz from Sculptures- she was amazing!

What was the weather like, and was it what you hoped for? How did it impact your day?  The weather was perfect. The sun was shining but it was chilly. A few flakes fell in the evening.

What was the total guest count? Why did you pick the number of guests you did? Was it hard to get to that number?  175 guests. We did not want a wedding over 200 but could have easily invited 50 more.

Where did you have your Ceremony? Saint Dominic Church in Southington, Connecticut.

What made your reception personalized to your own unique vision and expectations?  The theme of our wedding was winter/holiday elegance. I loved how the girls’ blue dresses and ivory flowers brought that elegant feeling into the venue. The Christmas decorations at the venue tied everything together.

What do you remember most about the ceremony?  I wanted to savor every moment so I kept looking out at our guests and up at my two soloists. After we exchanged vows, I kept looking at my rings!

Who was the florist?   The Flower Girl

Who was your videographer?  Chris Walsh

Who was your officiant?  Father Frascadore

Where was the Reception held?  Saint Clements Castle in Portland, Connecticut

Besides the “getting married” part, what was the most vivid memory of your wedding day? (Bride’s perspective)  I remember it all and I feel that was because I had such a big break in between my ceremony and reception. I loved the “quiet” time Nick and I had as husband and wife while taking pictures.

Besides the “getting married ” part, what was the most vivid memory of the day? (Groom’s perspective) Nick’s response was the moment I was dancing with my mom. The DJ “scratched” the music and all of a sudden a fast, hip-hop song came on! She was surprised!

Who was your entertainment?  Local Motion- Bill Mazzucco

What ended up being your favorite photo?   Too many to list. We loved the photos on the bus, in the castle, out on the grounds and with the lights behind us. We also like the traditional picture up at the alter and the photograph with the stained glass behind us. Many favorites….

Any advice to offer new brides and grooms to-be? Choose vendors that know your venue AND do not skip out on a videographer.

What was the funniest thing that your remember happening?  My cousin’s fiance, whom I’ve only met once, came out and danced with me to Gangnam style. I was very surprised and can’t wait to see the video!

What part of the day do you want to do again and why? I would redo our introduction so I can have an awesome 5 minutes of dancing with my entire bridal party.

What regrets, (if any) do you have about the planning of your wedding and your decisions leading up to the day?  I have no regrets except with a large wedding party, I wish I hired another make-up artist. Too many girls for a short time and it ran us a little behind.

What was the most memorable part of your photography experience with Studio1923? (From engagement all the way till now)  We truly enjoyed our engagement session because it was relaxing. The poses were natural and many were just of us being a couple. The same calmness was on the wedding day- Jerome and Jen used their expertise to photograph us just being a couple, not many were forced poses. Truly amazing!

A picture from the engagement session…

Where did you get your rings?  The designer of our rings is A. Jaffe- Farmington Jewelers

Other Comments you would like to add….Our wedding was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have asked for better vendors to work with.

A picture from our Honeymoon…