Dad’s Birthday 83!

Today was Dad’s birthday. Every day he goes to the YMCA for rehab (cardio) to meet his amigo’s from the pool. I met him for breakfast at McDonald’s (another local hangout for his buddies). While we were there, he asked if I was planning on coming to the pool to take pictures.. haha. I didn’t have my camera, so I said I couldn’t. I surprised him by running home, and then shooting back to catch him in some action shots. My sister Liz and Niece Apryl were in the pool also as a surprise for him. He had a lot of fun. He is amazed at the wide angle lense and what it’s capable of capturing. Here are some pictures of my adventure…Group Hug
The YMCA Pooljan_0378.JPGjan_0314.JPGjan_0307.JPG