Facebook Fan Page Name Change | Now Studio1923 Photographic Artists

It has finally happened… About 5 years ago I started a Facebook fan page under my name “Jerome Braga” and started to build the business page and it’s fan base. As it grew and grew, I realized that naming it my name instead of the company’s name was a huge mistake. Ultimately there was no way to change it once you had 100 fans who liked your page. This was very unlike my personal page where you can change your name very often. I’ve regretted it ever since I started the page but once I passed 1000 fans, then onward to 1500 fans, then through to 2000 fans I realized it was far too late to cancel the page all together and start fresh.
I knew that Facebook would someday need to be able to let business’ change their name. Heck it’s worth several thousand dollars I would imagine to many companies… Possible revenue stream for their ailing stock price? Anyway, I decided to check a few days ago and see if there was any sort of option, and THERE IT WAS!!!! Request a change feature.
As of today, http://www.facebook.com/studio1923 (which used to point to Jerome Braga fan page) Now points to Studio1923, LLC Photographic Artists Fan Page!

If you would like to see the steps you need to take to do this to your own page, follow the read more jump below.

The first step to updating your Facebook fan page name is to log into your fan page as your Administrator name (your real name not your page name like seen in the is photo)  Then click the Edit Page drop down while navigating to Update Info


Then there is a little link next to your current Fan Page username, that says Request Change. 

Then fill in your Desired Page Name, Why do you want to change your page name (Here you can choose business name change, other, etc) , then the last step is to attach a document that proves your business name is what you want, and legally, etc.

I attached my Articles of Incorporation, A credit card statement with my business name and address, and a voided check with the name etc on it. (I blacked everything out on the check (account numbers) and the credit card statement.

I then got an email from Facebook confirming that I wanted to do this, I doubled up and replied to that email with the documents as well just to be sure, then 3 days later it just changed.

Thank you Facebook!

Bekri Abdurehman - March 10, 2013 - 6:22 am

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