Frozen Soap Bubbles

Since it was below zero the other night, I decided to get out early in the morning and take one of my kid’s bottles of non toxic bubbles, sit on the front porch; and blow some bubbles.  Seemed a perfectly normal thing to do at 3 degree temperature.  I had recently seen a post of someone doing this, so I figured I’d try it.  Here are some samples of what I got.   This first photo was my first attempt.   I had the bubble land on a piece of glass and as it crystalized I shot it with my Macro lensFrozen Soap BubblesThis one is a bubble landing on some snow.  Frozen Soap BubblesA side shot of the same bubble on the snow. Frozen Soap BubblesAnd I couldn’t help but touch the first bubble that was on the glass.  As soon as I touched it, it shattered.  Frozen Soap Bubbles