Important Announcement

Hi Everyone,
I’m writing to give everyone an update on one of the world’s most famous celebrities.  You may have seen him in “Where’s the Mailman”, (a short film adaptation of the trials and tribulations of a passionate dog seeking revenge for an unfortunate pepper spray attack),  Or perhaps you better know him by his musical talents in any one of his annual Holiday compilation CD’s, or moreover in any of his photo portfolios gracing covers of cards, letterheads, t-shirts, bumper stickers, auto decals, “WOW boards”, Line Up Sheets, or even websites!  Perhaps his racecar empire, “Lucky’s Speed Shop”.  There is no doubt this celebrity has enjoyed all the fame and luxuries a world class idol, should.  Be it his leather Coachâ„¢ collar, his Poloâ„¢ Shirts, his hand painted Sanchezâ„¢ food bowls, or even his own custom “jump seat” in the center of the pickup truck so he can stare out the back of the vehicle.  It is definitely not a surprise to know that he is internationally famous and wildly respected.  Heck the mailman has so much respect for him he doesn’t even come by the house if he’s outside!  What might be a surprise to some, is that the past several months, he has been battling canine diabetes, and although his twice daily insulin shots, and prescription dog food,  have finally gotten his blood sugar under control, he has had more than his share of complications and weekly visits to the ER/Vet.  The most recent complication is a small tumor horribly situated between his 2nd and 3rd digits on his left rear paw.  Yesterday’s veterinary prognosis was that it needs to be removed.  However the removal is not only extremely difficult because of the lack of skin in the area, nor is it conducive to healing since it’s in a place where dirt and bacteria are always in contact with.  Ultimately the real complication lies not in his difficulty for the paw to heal, but the reality that more complications will most likely be on the horizon.  Most unknown at this time.  So although Lucky is in excellent mental and decent physical shape, it’s with a VERY heavy heart that I wish to inform you all that he will not be having the surgery, and will be leaving us and this earth sometime either later this week or next.  It is my decision to do this sooner, rather than later; as he has always had an extremely happy life and I don’t want to see or remember him suffering one little bit.  I hope all of you hold a special place in your hearts for him, and as Jen and I shift our attention over to Lucky’s younger brother Maddox; if you can find it in yourselves to donate to any local animal shelter on his behalf that would the ultimate honor.   Shelters provide us with some of the most carefully picked through loved ones we could never pay a breeder to make for us.  As you might know I got Lucky at the Newington Humane Society back in May, 1998 for a $50 donation to the shelter.  Jen and I didn’t hesitate to look to the shelters for our second dog Maddox, a Hurricane Katrina displaced dog, that was relocated to the Wallingford Animal Shelter Via New York.  His donation to the shelter was only $6.  (yes six)  They are both American Staffordshire Terriers, (aka Pit Bulls)  Quite possibly the most misunderstood breeds on the planet.  It is my hope that you can support and acknowledge Lucky’s life with us; not his passing, by donating something to any of his favorite causes…

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Meriden Humane Society (currently facing closure do to lack of city financing)

The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter

or my personal adversarial battle revolving around breed specific legislation
(if you don’t now what breed specific legislation is, read the links below)

And if you hear of any breed specific legislation coming to your neighborhood, you should do all you can to stop that bill from passing.  We as humans have an obligation to be responsible for our pets.  Punish the deed, not the breed.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this.