Jenna and Mike | Engagement Session | Cranbury Park Norwalk CT

A peek into Jenna and Mike’s engagement session held in South Norwalk and Cranbury Park. This picture could not be more perfect for the cover of this session. I love how artistic Studio 1923 is.

Studio 1923_0157.jpg

When you have an enthusiastic couple like Jenna and Mike, it is hard not to get carried away. They make every picture worth taking.  Amanda captured these two so perfectly.
Studio 1923_0153.jpg

And every picture worth looking at!
Studio 1923_0154.jpg

Even these side buildings are fit for the cover of a magazine thanks to this adorable couple.
Studio 1923_0156.jpg

I don’t think I could emphasize just how incredible this shot is. The wall, the bricks, the plant running down the slanted wall, it’s hard to say what makes it so great. Where Jenna and Mike are standing plays a vital role in the success of this photo. It’s almost as if the blocks were etched just for them.
Studio 1923_0158.jpg

The talent Studio 1923 showcases is just fascinating. Notice how many different images are captured in this one photo. There are so many opportunities to seize and Amanda takes them all at once!
Studio 1923_0159.jpg

I love how confident Jenna and Mike are with both their love for each other and for life. It has to be said that I also adore everything about these pictures below, the sunlight streaming through the trees, the orange colors, the leaves on the ground, and that adorable white fence. This day in Cranbury Park could not have been any more perfect.
Studio 1923_0160.jpg

No ring has looked better than this gem seen below.
Studio 1923_0162.jpg
Studio 1923_0151.jpg

Gorgeous. These two are simply beautiful together. Thank you Jenna and Mike for letting Studio 1923 share this day with you.
Studio 1923_0161.jpg