Kaila and Daniel | Real Wedding Story

Welcome to Kaila and Daniel’s Real Wedding Story held at Racebrook Country Club in Orange, Connecticut.  They describe their wedding day firsthand from our interview.

When was your wedding?  6/30/2012

What was the weather like, and was it what you hoped for? How did it impact your day?  Perfect. Sunny but not too hot. Rained right after the cocktail hour was over and everyone was inside for the reception, but it didn’t last long and we were able to go outside for more pictures when the sun came out. And there was a rainbow at the end of the night.

Who did your hair and makeup?  Kat Ranciato from Cleopatras North Haven, Connecticut.

Who was the florist?  Francis Martino.

What ended up being your favorite photo? Brides: The black and white one of Dan and I facing eachother.
Grooms: Close up of Kaila with the veil over her face.

Where did you have your Ceremony and Reception? Racebrook Country Club in Orange, Connecticut.

Besides the “getting married ” part, what was the most vivid memory of the day? (Groom’s perspective)  Seeing Kaila walk down the aisle.

What do you remember most about the Ceremony? Our butterfly release.

What made your reception personalized to your own unique vision and expectations? Steve Pepe, Father of the Bride, had made a monogram “P” napkin ring holders for the guests at his metal stamping shop. Davida Pepe, Mother of the Bride,  baked & decorated whole wheat (she’s a health and wellness coach) butterfly shaped cookies for the table settings. We had a customized cake topper made by Magicmudd.com of a nurse and hunter, it was a big hit.

What part of the day do you want to do again?  All of it!

What regrets, (if any) do you have about the planning of your wedding and your decisions leading up to the day?  None.

What was the total guest count? 180 was the final count, we both have big families.

Who was the Officiant?  Judge Burton Kaplan, the Bride’s Uncle.

Besides the “getting married” part, what was the most vivid memory of your wedding day? (bride’s perspective). Getting married at the same place my parents did 29 years ago and taking a ride in the “just married” golf cart together after the ceremony ended. My dad had rented the same golf cart #57 that my Mom and Grandpa Morty rode in on for her wedding ceremony. My grandpa Morty had passed away a few years ago. RBCC was special because both grandparents had been members there as well as my parents.  My Grandpa’s have both passed away but loved golfing at RBCC.

What was the most memorable part of your photography experience with Studio1923? (From engagement all the way till now). Their creativity and the way they made you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Who was your coordinator or designer, (if any)? Davida Pepe the Bride’s Mother and Francis Martino a family friend.

Who was the videographer?  Powerstation Events, Cheshire, Connecticut.

Where did the guys get their suits/tuxes? Joseph A Banks.

Bridal gown Demetrios from Harolds in New Haven, Connecticut.

Bridesmaids gown Watters to Watters. 

Any advice to offer new brides and grooms to-be? Don’t stress, everything works out and if something doesn’t go as planned you’ll be the only one that will know that.

Cake by J cakes in North Branford, Connecticut.
Customized cake topper by Magic mud.com

Where did you get your rings? Libero Jewelers.

Who was your entertainment?  Powerstation Events, Cheshire, Connecticut.

A picture from our Honeymoon…