Kate Lynn and Thomas | Engagement Session | Cranbury Park

A peek into this beautiful engagement session that is just dancing with splendor. Boasting the absolutely precious couple Kate Lynn and Thomas, Amanda takes us on a magical tour through South Norwalk in mid-October. With a dash of Fall colors and a pinch of Halloween, this well-dressed couple blends so perfectly into the background.
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So much character can be found in this cozy town. From the beautiful colors of the buildings to the cordial bench, and don’t forget the charming Halloween display along the perfect glass doors. This location provides it all!
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Next, Jerome whisks us away to Cranbury Park in Norwalk where Kate Lynn and Thomas take some time to bask in the beauty of their surroundings.
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I love how devoted to each other these two are. Their embrace in the bottom right picture is so inspiring.
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This session ends with an enchanting tree encircling Kate Lynn and Thomas symbolizing how the love they share can never be broken.
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