Katie and Todd | Real Wedding Story

Welcome to Katie and Todd’s Real Wedding Story held at The East Ballroom at Le Chambord in Hopewell Junction, New York.  They describe their wedding day firsthand from our interview.

When was your wedding?  4/27/2013

What made you choose your wedding date?  The date choose us really. The numbers ‘4-2-7’ had special meaning to us as a couple so when we found a venue we liked & they had the 27th of April available we figured it was Kismet.

Kate wore a David Tuttera gown from Lavinia’s Bridal & Formal’s- Brides beware!!  They were a nightmare!   The men wore Calvin Klein tuxedos from Men’s Warehouse-Excellent service!

Who did your hair and makeup?  Tanja Hudson, Valentine Brides: http://www.valentinebride.net

Who was the florist?  Kate made all of the ‘flowers’ with cloth.

Who was your coordinator or designer, (if any)? Kate did most of that herself with the help of Todd.

What was the weather like, and was it what you hoped for? How did it impact your day?  BEAUTIFUL. It was sunny & warm with clear skies. We could not have asked for better weather that day.

Where did you have your ceremony? Immaculate Conception Church in Stony Point, New York.

What was the total guest count? Why did you pick the number of guests you did? Was it hard to get to that number? About 150 or so. We had a hard time narrowing the number down as we both had so many friends & family. In the end we decided 150 was the max number we were ok with & family came first.

Besides the “getting married” part, what was the most vivid memory of your wedding day? (Bride’s perspective)  The beginning of the day was a whirlwind of activity & then all of a sudden I was standing in the back of the church & music was playing & the wedding party was walking. I remember having my eyes closed as the doors opened & then I opened them up & saw all these people staring at me, it was unnerving! I just looked at Todd & my Father started walking, it felt like I floated down the aisle & then I was holding Todd’s hand & everybody else seemed to melt away.  I could only see what was happening on the altar. I exchanged looks with my 2 best friends, had another friend sing for us & others do the readings. It was a beautiful ceremony & I kept thinking ‘I’m finally his wife!’

Besides the “getting married ” part, what was the most vivid memory of the day? (Groom’s perspective) Watching Kate walk into the church & down the aisle. The smile & look of anticipation on her face was amazing.

What do you remember most about the Ceremony? The amount of people who came to support us that day, it was truly overwhelming to feel SO loved by our friends & community.

Who was the Officiant? Deacon Philip Marino

What was the funniest thing that your remember happening? During the ceremony we had 2 Maids of Honor & 2 Best Men on the altar with us. In the middle of the ceremony both men began crying…hysterically. Then one of the girls leaned over & whispered (very sternly) “keep it together guys!!”

What ended up being your favorite photo? Not a fair question!!!! They are all spectacular!

What was the most memorable part of your photography experience with Studio1923? (From engagement all the way till now) Honestly, Kate had met Jerome a few years prior at her best friend’s wedding & got along with him immediately. When she & Todd got engaged their first planning was to book Studio 1923. Jerome, Amanda & Jen may begin as contracted photographers that put out stunning work, but they leave you as friends. Who could ask for anything more?

Where was the reception held? Le Chambord in Hopewell Junction, New York

Any advice to offer new brides and grooms to-be? Yes, be decisive. When planning & dealing with vendors while you want to be kind & open to suggestion from professionals, don’t let anyone bully you. Kate was so afraid of being called a ‘bridezilla’ that she let the dress shop walk all over her & in the end there was a ton of disappointment with the bridesmaid dresses because they didn’t do their job 🙁

What made your reception personalized to your own unique vision and expectations? We did a lot of the details ourselves. The table numbers, escort cards, BM bouquets, boutonnieres & brides bouquet were al hand-made by Kate. Todd & Kate also collected wedding photos from both sides of their families & Todd made frames for all of them to display on the gift table. Along with the fantastic guest book provided by Studio 1923, Todd made a box that held pieces of ‘jenga’ with some markers so guest could write messages on them. Made for a fun game the day after! Todd’s family supplied a traditional Norwegian grooms cake called a ‘kransekake’ that was delicious & Kate’s father played the Bagpipes with some band mates which had the crowd thrilled 🙂

What part of the day do you want to do again and why? The reception probably, it was so much fun & it seemed to just end too quickly!

What regrets, (if any) do you have about the planning of your wedding and your decisions leading up to the day? Overall things went well, maybe we could have tried to plan the reception to be a bit longer?

Who was the entertainment? We used Ryan Handelsman from RTH Event Group

Where did you get your rings?  G. Anthony Jewelers, amazing work!!

Where did you take your honeymoon? And how did you like it? We to go ‘old school’ & went to Niagara Falls for a week & enjoyed every second of it!