Kristen and Brett | Engagement Session | Southport CT

Photos are taken to capture and preserve the beauty of one moment in time for eternity. We hold tight to the belief that anyone with a camera can capture the perfect moment if they just take enough pictures. Studio 1923 overthrows this belief time and time again. Come take a peek into the breathtaking engagement session of Kristen and Brett held in Southport, Connecticut.Studio 1923_0140.jpg

Studio 1923_0145.jpg

The love Kristen and Brett have for each other is beautifully captured. Notice how every pose is held so gracefully. These pictures remind me of a fairytale.
Studio 1923_0144.jpg
Studio 1923_0150.jpg
Studio 1923_0146.jpg

Images like these are created by those with a dream and someone with a vision. Perfection at its finest.
Studio 1923_0147.jpg
Studio 1923_0142.jpg
Studio 1923_0148.jpg

The colors, the lights . . . what more needs to be said?
Studio 1923_0149.jpg

I love how happy Kristen and Brett are together. Their smiles light up every picture. Thank you both for making this another work of art for Amanda and Studio 1923.
Studio 1923_0143.jpg