Liz and James | Engagement Session Fort Tryon Park

Come take a peek into Liz and James’ engagement session. One of New England’s most appealing traits is the seasonal changes. The colors of the trees in the Fall makes this one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The Autumn sessions are my absolute favorite and this one does not disappoint!

Studio 1923_0172.jpg

Studio 1923_0163.jpg

Liz and Pat are just as amazing to look at. They are such a lovely couple and I cannot get over Liz’s smile.
Studio 1923_0164.jpg
Studio 1923_0165.jpg

I love this picture. You two look incredible!
Studio 1923_0166.jpg

This may be one of the most gorgeous rings ever made. The lighting and the bark on this tree brings out the clarity so well. Jerome did such an amazing job capturing this photo.
Studio 1923_0167.jpg
Studio 1923_0168.jpg
Studio 1923_0169.jpg

I cannot get over how beautiful Liz is. I love how her head is tipped in the perfect angle on the bottom right picture. James looks incredible too! These two pictures have it all: the beautiful bridge, amazing clouds and the insanely good-looking couple. Love it!
Studio 1923_0170.jpg
Studio 1923_0173.jpg