Liz and Pat | Engagement Session

A peek into Liz and Pat’s engagement session held at Gillette Castle State Park, an all-time favorite location of Connecticut residents. This is yet another beautiful story showcasing nature and fashion with an adventurous approach. Studio 1923 never seems to disappoint . . . well anyone.
Studio 1923_0139.jpg

The picture on the right is just so playful. It takes a great photographer to envision a scene and properly pose their clients. However, it takes a bold and audacious couple like Liz and Pat to really tie everything together.
Studio 1923_0130.jpg
Studio 1923_0131.jpg

The day might have been slightly gloomy at times, but it made for some fantastic clouds that paired beautifully with the location.
Studio 1923_0132.jpg
Studio 1923_0133.jpg
Studio 1923_0134.jpg
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Studio 1923_0135.jpg

Another perfect background and amazing energy from Liz and Pat. The way you two portray your love and passion for each other is both classic, and exemplary in manner. Studio 1923 is simply honored to be a part of your story.
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Studio 1923_0138.jpg