Melissa and Josh watch the Sunset

Melissa and Josh’s wedding took place this past February in NY.  A gorgeous sunset topped off a perfect day and we had to captalize on the scenery for a few photos.  Their wedding reception was held at Glen Island Harbour Club, in Westchester NY.  Check out the photo of me with Melissa, Josh, Gloria & Jon.  

Melissa was a bridesmaid at Gloria & Jon’s wedding.  (The ultimate compliment for any wedding vendor).  Anyway, their ceremony took place in Bridgeport, CT at Church very dear to her family.   Glen Island provided quite an impressive display of deserts.  It was one of the most elaborate I’ve seen.  It’s no surprise since they are a sister venue of the Fountainhead in New Rochelle.  They do an equally impressive desert / Venetian display.  Check out their full website here or just browse the thumbnails.  


Sunset at Glenn Island NY