Michelle and Christopher | Real Wedding Story

Welcome to Michelle and Christopher’s Real Wedding Story held at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven, Connecticut.  They describe their wedding day firsthand from our interview.

When was your wedding?  9/29/2012

What made you choose your wedding date?  Always wanted to get married in September. Our venue only had one date left which was 9-29-12.

What was the weather like, and was it what you hoped for? How did it impact your day? The weather was beautiful not to sunny not to hot. It was everything we hoped for.

Wedding Dress by Allure Couture from Stylish Impressions.

Tuxes from Antonio’s in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

What was the total guest count? Why did you pick the number of guests you did? Was it hard to get to that number? Total guest invited to our wedding was 330. We ended up with 287 attending our wedding. Our family’s were both big on top of the number or really close family friends.

Who did your hair and makeup?  Larissa Lake

Who was the florist?  The Flower Girl

Where did you have your Ceremony? St. Cyril’s.

What do you remember most about the Ceremony?  The look on Christopher’s face when he saw me for the first time.

Who was the videographer?  Inspiration in Motion.

Who was the entertainment?  DJ Donato that entertainment.

Where was the Reception held? Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven, Connecticut.

What made your reception personalized to your own unique vision and expectations? We have both grown up on the water.  Christopher proposed to me by writing Michelle will you marry me in the sand the day of our fourth of July party at his beach house. Therefore we wanted a venue that brought the beach to us and Anthony’s at the time was the only venue with water that we have never been to.

Where did you get your rings?  New York.

Besides the “getting married” part, what was the most vivid memory of your wedding day? (Bride’s perspective)  My brother-in-law asking me to be the godmother during his best man speech.

Besides the “getting married ” part, what was the most vivid memory of the day? (Groom’s perspective) Listening to the maid of honor and my brothers speech at our wedding.

What regrets, (if any) do you have about the planning of your wedding and your decisions leading up to the day?  The only regrets I have was not enjoying all the food we paid for. I loved our Dj but I wish I just sat down for a few extra minutes to enjoy the food and take it all in.

What part of the day do you want to do again and why? Our reception becasue everyone was having the time of their lives.

What was the funniest thing that your remember happening?  We had a number of funny things that happened on our day…a groomsmen falling down the stairs . A bunch of our parents friends on the dance floor were Hilarious.

What was the most memorable part of your photography experience with Studio1923? (From engagement all the way till now) We felt like they were just part of our wedding and not a paid photographer.

What ended up being your favorite photo?  The picture of us with our whole venue behind us.

A picture from our Honeymoon…