New Business Plan…

I think I’m going to start running my photography business like politicians run their campaigns. First I’ll absolutely avoid talking, showing, doing anything photography related; as I avoid giving ANY substantial ideas, insight, theory, or history about how great a photographer I will actually be for you if you hire me.
Then, I will talk solely about my competition in a degrading, suggestive, and disgusted tone. I will talk about all the negative things they might or might not have done, or said, or were thinking of saying or doing.

Perhaps I can show up at a bridal show with posters of all my competitition and just spend the time talking about the shot they missed, or the fact that they were 5 minutes late to a wedding once, or that they took tax credits for being a small business, or that they ordered a camera online and didn’t support their own community.
Perhaps I am going about it all wrong.
Is it me or would all it take to win an election is be the “Other” person who doesn’t play that stupid game?
This post is written by me and I approve this message.