New House! (No not our house)

Earlier last year while we were celebrating the anniversary of the closing on our first house, Jen had a great idea to photograph some clients as they move into their new home.

We talked about that feeling we had when we both sat on the floor of our unheated, vacant home; held each other, sipped some beer and smiled at each other thinking… holy crap…This is ours?.   Well, with that vision we picked a few of our favorites from two recent new home shoots we did.

We had the chance to shoot Melissa and Ben just after they moved in and were wrapping up the details on their new place.

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

Hanging the shower curtain in the guest bathroom

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

Unpacking the last box of canned goods.

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

Kinda speaks for itself.  I love that the grass is still to be planted.

We also recently had the opportunity to shoot our past clients Kathleen and Luke as they do some cosmetic surgery on their new acquisition.

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

Luke’s artwork to Kathleen

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

One wall painted, time for a beer….  This is going to take a while.  I can tell.

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

Prior to wall prep, a time out for a kiss…  yeah definitely going to take a while

Studio1923 / Jerome Braga

After a very comical tear down of the old wallpaper.

Congratulations Guys!

Robin Dini - February 19, 2010 - 10:25 am

this is such a great idea guys! LOVE IT!

Melissa - March 4, 2010 - 9:11 pm

I still love this idea. We had such a blast doing this shoot- you guys were the first ones to see our new house! Now it’s a year later (can’t believe it) and we look back at those pictures and see just how much has changed- it’s incredible.