Cold Weather Shooting Tips

Some quick tips to remember

1) Camera and flash batteries die out much faster in the cold, so carry your spare batteries in a pocket where they will stay warm.  Lithium Ion Batteries last longest.

2) Keep your camera warm by putting it inside your jacket when you’re not shooting, but be careful if your camera does get cold. Moving it from the cold air outside to the warm air inside your jacket could cause condensation to form inside the camera, damaging it.   If that happens you need to bring it inside and just wait.  See tip #5, however
3) Use pocket hand warmers as a way to keep your camera from getting too old while you’re shooting. If shooting with an SLR, use a rubber band to attach one warmer to your lens and another to the camera’s hand grip.

4) If you’re shooting in extremely cold conditions and don’t want your hands to be exposed to the air, make sure you wear gloves!  (Especially when handling the metal body of the cameras)

5) The biggest cold-weather danger to your equipment isn’t actually the cold. It’s the warm air inside your house when you’re done shooting. Never take your camera directly from cold outside conditions to warm inside air. Keep the camera inside its camera bag, and let it warm up gradually.  One idea is to keep a zip-lock bag with your gear for this reason. Put your camera in the bag while you’re still outside, and leave plenty of air in it too. When you’re inside, the air in the bag will insulate your camera so condensation won’t form.

6) Perhaps most importantly when shooting in cold conditions: protect yourself! Wear layers and be sure to have hand and head protection. And don’t get so wrapped up in shooting that you forget to pay attention to your surroundings. Slipping and falling on ice with an expensive camera in your hand is a great way to ruin a good day of shooting!

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Candace Jeffery - January 22, 2009 - 7:53 pm

Thanks, very helpful! Thanks for sending me the link to the wedding we did together, the images came out great! I hope to shoot with you again sometime, you’re the best!

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