Rebecca and Anthony | Real Wedding Story

Welcome to Rebecca and Anthony’s Real Wedding Story held at The Captain Linnell House in Orleans, Massachusetts.  They describe their wedding day firsthand from our interview.

When was your wedding?  10/7/2012

What made you choose your wedding date?  My husband’s favorite season is the fall and we both wanted a fall wedding. This weekend was a long weekend (Columbus Day), making it slightly easier for a destination wedding. We also needed a weekend that our photographers were available.

What was the weather like, and was it what you hoped for? How did it impact your day? It was sunny during the day and the clouds and showers started right after we began our first look pictures. The rain held off until we finished our beach pictures. We had to change our ceremony from outdoors to indoors do to the rain. It was not what we had hoped for because we were supposed to have our ceremony in the gazebo, but it ended up being a blessing.We were married in front of a huge fireplace in a very intimate setting.

Who did your hair?  Gina Joubert

Who did your makeup? Jake Blanchette

Tux is Ralph Lauren from Modern Formals, in Southington, Connecticut.
Bridal gown is Casablanca from The Wedding Dress in Portland, Connecticut.  Bridal shoes by Allure.

Who was the florist? Meredith Fancy

What was the total guest count? Why did you pick the number of guests you did? Was it hard to get to that number?  Our guest count was ~140. We wanted a smaller wedding due to our budget and venue, but my husband comes from a large family. We quickly exceeded our 120 guest goal. This was a destination wedding, and we were surprised at how many guests did end up coming.

Besides the “getting married ” part, what was the most vivid memory of the day? (Groom’s perspective) Pictures on the beach with my bride, friends, and family.

What was the most memorable part of your photography experience with Studio1923? (From engagement all the way till now) The most memorable part of our photography experience was the unique and different places we took our pictures. From the picture perfect town of Bridgewater, Connecticut for our engagement pics, to the fishing docks of Rock Harbor, Massachuettes.  Every place was special and beautiful. They also represented the feel that my husband and I wanted, and they represented our vision well.

What ended up being your favorite photo?  We have two. Our engagement photo when we are down a “ditch” on a flat rock in the middle of a small river. Our favorite wedding picture is the one of us on a small patch of dry sand with water surrounding us and our reflection in the water.

Where did you have your ceremony and reception? The Captain Linnell House in Orleans, Massachusetts.

Who was the videographer? Neil Kell



What do you remember most about the ceremony?  The things we remember most about our ceremony were how cozy and intimate our setting was. We were married in front of a large fireplace which was decorated and lit beautifully. With all our friends and family surrounding us it felt personal and supportive. We could feel the love and pride of those there to celebrate with us. Our priest was amazing; making all of us laugh and cry. Our ceremony was so personal and heart-felt.

Besides the “getting married” part, what was the most vivid memory of your wedding day? (Bride’s perspective) Walking down the aisle with my nervous Dad toward my soon to be husband. My Dad and I cried before we started walking down the aisle and he was so nervous, but we made it down in one piece. The look of pride and love on my husbands face was overwhelming.

Who was the Officiant? Father Shawn Smith

What part of the day do you want to do again and why? I would repeat the reception over and over again. It was great to see our families laughing, dancing, drinking, and conversing. It went by so quickly though, and was over in a blink of an eye.

Who was the entertainment? DJ Danny Walsh

What regrets, (if any) do you have about the planning of your wedding and your decisions leading up to the day?  We wish we could have invited more people to enjoy our wedding, but due to budget, we had to keep it limited.

What was the funniest thing that your remember happening? Best Woman, Blair Vaccarro’s speech.

What made your reception personalized to your own unique vision and expectations? We hand-made many of our decorations. With the help of my bridal party, mother and mother-in-law, and family friends my ideas came to life. All of our creative minds worked together and came up with beautiful and unique decor.

Where did you get your rings?  Perjoni Jewelers

Any advice to offer new brides and grooms to-be? Choose the elements that are most important to you and plan you wedding and budget around those.