RSS (No it’s not a new Chevy Monte Carlo)(sorry Lou)

As the new year brings new innovation, anticipation, etc.; one of my “resolutions” is to work often on this blog. But more importantly read other people’s blogs. One tool that I wanted to let everyone out there know about is RSS. It’s not really important what it stands for so much as what it does. When someone writes in a blog or news websites, or any website that has constantly updating information; they attach their site to an RSS feed. Which basically says, “Hey, you! I just wrote something new. You might want to make a note of it.”

Now that feed is only good if someone is subscribing to that feed. (best described as, reading a feed)

Here’s the point of this blog entry today. I just downloaded a program for the Mac which is a feed reader. It works just like Outlook, or Mail programs. It tells you when you have a new feed to read.

When you are on a website with an RSS feed…

rss21.jpgClick to make larger

that might look like this.


You can double click on that feed, and use a host of programs that will add it to your “reader” (Anonymously)

There are LOTS of readers out there. Here’s the reader I use. Newsfire
There are TONS of free ones, and Google is probably the best out there. Click Here to See it.

If you are on a Mac and you use the default browser Safari, it’s got a build in RSS reader in it. You can subscribe as if it’s a bookmark.

Do a little research on it.

My reader has everything from photographers to news and tech stuff. It’s great because I only get what i want when I want it. no wasting time. no remembering who’s site I want to look at.

The future is RSS, so now’s the time to learn it.

My Blog’s RSS feed is here.

Subscribe to your favorite sites now, and stop wasting search time. It probably cut my wasted time searching, typing, reading, by about 700%. (I’m not kidding)

Email me if you are boggled about this, or do some research.

Bloglines is another awesome reader.  (thanks for reminding me J)  (

J Sandfier - January 10, 2008 - 4:52 pm

Great post! You are officially Bloglined 🙂 Bloglines is another feed offering that does an excellent job. Your x-mas card was great! Fun to meet you and the rest of the CT PUG last night!