Stephanie and Brian | Engagement Session | Hubbard Park

A peek into the charming Stephanie and Brian’s engagement session held at Hubbard Park in Meriden, Connecticut. Look closely and you will see how the light naturally cascades down through the clouds adding a crimson glow to this already perfect Autumn day. Or perhaps this glow you see is emanating from within this devoted couple. What do you think?
Studio 1923_0088.jpg

It is remarkable how well Stephanie and Brian look together. From the matching apparel to the star struck eyes, this session proudly displays a picture perfect couple, which as we all know is every photographer’s dream.
Studio 1923_0089.jpg
Studio 1923_0090.jpg

Thank you Stephanie and Brian for turning this arid puddle into the most magical mirror ever showcased.
Studio 1923_0093.jpg
Studio 1923_0092.jpg
Studio 1923_0091.jpg

True smiles cannot be forced. A fake smile distorts the face and saddens the eyes. Looking at this picture, you see true happiness written all over their faces. Even though their eyes are closed you can still see great elation, a noteworthy moment Jerome managed to capture.
Studio 1923_0094.jpg
Studio 1923_0095.jpg
Studio 1923_0097.jpg
Studio 1923_0096.jpg