The Official 2015 Braga Holiday Card!

As almost all of the paper postcards have hit mailboxes across the US, we can now release the online version of the long-awaited 2015 Braga Holiday Card!  JER_1253-Edit

Influenced by the iconic vintage vacation postcards that oncelittered mailboxes everywhere; we found it fitting to create our card in the same style.  The core elements to this photo were captured in Shelburne Vermont after we were done our filming for the TV show episode we were cast in.     Scroll down for the past 10 years worth of cards.

Norman Rockwell Inspired Christmas Card

2014 Card | Norman Rockwell Inspired Braga Christmas Card

Here are our previous years’ cards going back to 2005…

Vintage Post Magazine Cover

Norman Rockwell Inspired Holiday Card Sledding for 2013  The Braga Family

2012 Inside Spread.  Our actual Christmas Village was photographed here.

2011 Front and Back